Travelling project in 4º ESO

This term 4º ESO A had been working on a travelling project. They had to plan a trip to any country. For this task, they had to do some research of the country they wanted to go: look for information about geography, ethnic groups, language, climate… Also, they had to look for information about how to get there, accommodation, prices, and visits to the most popular monuments and museums as well as where to find the best places to eat. Furthermore, they had to write a diary telling their experience, how the trip went, anecdotes… Finally, they had to present the whole project to the class. It was a very ambitious project, however I have no words to describe how hard they all worked, how involved they were and how fantastic they performed in front of the class. This is only one example of what they produced, although they are all deserve to be published. My congratulations to the whole class!!! It was really worth it!!!


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