Os presentamos a nuestros auxiliares de EE UU, Gran Bretaña, Canadá y Australia

Este año, en el Colegio Zola Las Rozas tenemos un nuevo equipo de auxiliares de conversación procedentes de distintas partes del mundo: Estados Unidos, Canadá, Australia y Gran Bretaña.



Para poder conocerlos un poco más, aquí os dejamos una pequeña reseña escrita por cada uno de ellos:

Georgia CraneGeorgia Crane Zola Las Rozas

My name is Georgia and I am from the United States. I decided to come to Spain because I never had the chance to study abroad in college because of my athletics. I chose Spain because I speak some Spanish and wanted the chance to learn more about the language and the culture here. What I love most about my students is their excitement in the classroom, especially when they see me throughout the school!


Stevie BallSetevie Ball Zola Las Rozas

Hello, I’m Stevie and I’m from Manchester. I came to Madrid after having done volunteer work in schools across Thailand and Morocco. My plan was to stay here for a year to gain more experience in a school setting and then later return to England to do a teaching degree. However, I fell in love with Madrid, the culture and the people and I am about to start my teaching degree here in November. The thing I like the most about my job is seeing the progression of my students (as I imagine any teacher), but another great thing about working with little ones is that we have lots of fun while learning, and they never ever fail to make me laugh!


Nathalia TofinoNathalia Tofino Zola Las Rozas

My name is Nathalia and I am from Miami, Florida. I moved to Spain because I fell in love with this country’s culture and food in my previous visits, and I wanted to have the experience of being a local in Madrid. I enjoy seeing the children learn new vocabulary every day, and I feel proud when I see the results of my efforts. It doesn’t matter what type of mood I’m in, the students always manage to make me smile.


Mariana DavisMariana Davis Zola Las Rozas

My name is Mariana, I am originally from London and I came to Spain because this is where I feel most at home. The thing I most enjoy about working with the children is seeing their excitement to speak and learn English. Working at Zola always puts a smile in my face. Teaching is a precious job where you know you are making a difference!



Devan SeltenrichDevan Seltenrich Zola Las Rozas

My name is Devan and I come from Canada. I had just completed my Education Degree, and after many years at University, I wanted to see more of the world while still gaining practical experience.  I decided that Spain was a great place to do that.  I came here to travel and see beautiful things, as well as gain teaching experience in a challenging yet rewarding environment. I really enjoy the joy that students bring to the classroom.  It does not matter if we are singing songs or just answering questions, they are always smiling.


Emily ArtzEmily Artz Zola Las Rozas

My name is Emily and I am from Chicago in the U.S. I decided to come to Spain because I wanted to teach English while improving my Spanish, and experiencing the culture for myself.  The thing I enjoy the most about working with the students at Zola is that they always have such high energy. I enjoy watching the students improve their English through their creative participation in my lesson plans.


Sana JamieSana Jamie Zola Las Rozas

My name is Sana and I am from London. Having so many different interests, hobbies and mixed qualifications suited being a conversation teacher perfectly; as I will always have something to talk about! I enjoy the conversation lessons with the students as they sometimes suggest solutions to big world issues that make a lot more sense than what the adults who are weighed down in politics are actually doing. Also, students can be incredibly funny and witty at times and this is the only job I have ever been in where I actually look forward to going to work on the weekends.


Sarah HenschelSarah Henschel Zola Las Rozas

My name is Sarah and I am from the United States. I decided to work in Spain because after studying abroad in Europe and visiting different countries, I fell in love with Spanish culture. I think the buildings, people, and food are amazing. What I love the most about working with my students is the chance to see how creative they can be. I also enjoy seeing their enthusiasm with the different English games we play.


Caitlin Williamscaitlin william zola las rozas

My name is Caitlin Williams and I am from the United States (Kentucky). I decided to come to Spain because I love the Spanish language and culture. I also wanted to gain international experience and teach in an environment that was completely new to me. What I like most about working with the students at Zola is discovering each individual´s unique capabilities and seeing their curiosity for language and learning unfold!


Peter RichardsPeter Richards Zola Las Rozas

My name is Peter and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I decided to come to Spain because I had previously visited the country and I had such a good experience that I felt that I needed to return. My favourite thing about working with the students is that we get to teach English while getting to know the students, their personalities and their senses of humour. So much popular culture is filled with the English language so we have the interest of the students from the beginning.


Benjamin Daveybenjamin davey zola las rozas

My name is Benjamin and I am from Australia. I had studied in Madrid on exchange for a year previously and I fell in love with the city and Spain in general. I love learning about other countries and cultures, and I enjoy helping others do the same. The students at Zola have a great language program and seem enthusiastic to practice their English skills.


Cameron BakerCameron Baker Zola Las Rozas

I came to Spain because when I grew up my neighbor was Spanish. She always talked about Spain and how beautiful and vibrant it was. So I decided to study here in college. After studying for several months in Madrid I knew I wanted to live in Spain forever. In Zola the students in ESO and Bachilerato speak a very impressive level of English. We have very interesting discussions about things happening here in Spain and all across the world. I’ve learned just as much about Spain from them as they’ve learned about America from me.

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