Diario de viaje: ¡Estamos en Finlandia!

Un grupo de alumnos ha estado a finales de este mes de enero en Finlandia como parte del proyecto Erasmus+ Headlines More Than Meets The Eye. Aquí, os dejamos un resumen de cómo lo están viviendo escrito por ellos mismos:

Monday 27th January

Today we had a great time getting to know the people from the other countries. We did some activities, and some of them were more captivating than others; but at the end I think we all had a great time and we made a couple of new friends.
Furthermore, we also got to know each other in our free time by talking in our common language, English, and by having fun in a snowball fight. In our opinion, the most confusing part of today was when they came to talk about the RARE project and to expected us to create Instagram’s stories based on given themes.
By the time the project activities were finished, we got to go back with our families. We spent some time together having fun and talking to each other.
Then, we went to the sauna, next to the place where we had the project activities. All of the girls who went there had to wait for around an hour to go in the sauna, because the boys were there. When we got to go in, it was so hot, we didn’t imagine that, The Finnish people are used to high temperatures in the saunas, so we were boiling there, but got used to it at the end. We also got to go to the lake, which was freezing. We had to go without flip flops so our feet were so frozen. We had so much fun there.
In our opinion, it was a very long day to get used to the timetables of the country. It was difficult at first but now it is kind off easy. We had a lot of fun and we hope that we have the same fun for the next few days.

Tuesday 28th January

Today we had a busy day, in the morning we went to school, where we had firstly music class and we actually played instruments which we don’t do in Spain or many other countries. Then we went to Maths and we were given some challenges to solve in groups and had the chance to try to do some of the exercises they regularly do for this subject. After that second session we had English. We were explained about how students could make their own time tables and after that we had lunch and went on a bus ride towards the wildlife centre. There we saw lots of animals like wolves or even moose. The wildlife reserve hosts more than 50 Nordic species. It was a magical place with breathtaking landscapes. During the stay we had a heavy snowfall. That’s made the experience even more special. We were guided through the whole park and it was freezing! Then we had a quick snack at the cafeteria. After a while chatting with other students we took the bus back to school and from there we went to each of our exchange partners home.
One more unforgettable day with memories and time to think about the school system in Finland and its untouched nature!!!

Wednesday 29th January

Today we woke up at 7:30 a.m and we took a bus to school which carried us to Tampere. We were divided in two groups, the first one visited Mediapolis and then The Mummi museum and the second group the other way round. Mediapolis was like a university of sciences and media so we ate there and we visited the main studios and sets that were in the building. Our guide was a university student and she made a Kahoot for us to learn a little bit more about Tampere and Finnish movie-culture. After Mediapolis we went to the Mummi Museum where they explained the life and history of the creator of the cartoons and also the evolution of the Mummi over the years. They also showed us some of the books that were published. Later we did an activity that consisted in creating your own short film in groups with figures of the Mummi and it was very fun. In the afternoon we had dinner at a kebab restaurant and then we went to see an ice hockey training. Later we looked for a hot place and we went to a restaurant where some ate, others stayed talking all afternoon and others they went to Pirita’s house (one of the Finnish girls).

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