Un alumno nos cuenta su estancia en Irlanda

El alumno Javier Castro nos cuenta su experiencia de 8 meses viviendo en Irlanda

«My experience in Ireland»

Last September, coinciding with the beginning of the school year, I made a trip abroad, specifically to Ireland. On September 1st I arrived in Thurles, the town where my Irish family lived. My objective was to improve my English as well as living a new experience in a foreign country, learning its culture.

The first few days I had some trouble understanding English, because it was my first time relying on this language to communicate myself, but after a while I started understanding it better, so I could make few new Irish friends with whom, together with other Spanish ones, we went on trips to different places in Ireland every weekend.
I was studying in a town school. Everything was taught in English, of course, but I noticed that the level in mathematics was lower than in Spain. I signed up for a football team and I used to go training every week. I just took a lot of love from my family and my friends and I felt sorry to have to say goodbye to them.
When I came back to Spain I had hard time getting used to all my routines. One week after I had to take my evaluation exams, which were quite difficult for me because I had been out. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot, but it’s been difficult to make up the time I spent out of Spain.

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